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Masters In Success Business Coaching puts experienced, highly trained, successful, well educated business owners on your team!

Building, owning, maintaining and operating a successful business is a learned set of skills. Businesses don't fail because the owners are not technically competent. They fail because the businesses owners think they just know how to run a business. They will either run the business based on "I think" "this is what my competitors do". Those are recipes for failure.

One-on-one coaching, training, and consulting:

$95/hour - Standard rate

$85/hour - Existing customer, using website and email hosting and related services

$75/hour - Existing customer actively using BestInspectors.Net inspection report software

$65/hour - Pay-as-you-go customer under an annual plan

$45/hour - Silent Partner subscribers for services outside the Silent Partner agreement, including services such as computer technical support, website design and maintenance, etc.

There is a one-hour minimum for Standard Rate customers and a Half-hour minimum for all others. Telephone-only time is billed in 1/4-hour increments. Increments of 6 minutes or more will be rounded up to 1/4-hour. Increments of less than 6 minutes will not be billed. Live interactive remote sessions using remote access services such as SplashTop, GoToAssist, GoToMeeting, Team Viewer, WebEx,, et cetera, will be billed based on the connection time and will be billed in 1/4-hour. The time will be determined by the remote access service logs. Credit card and debit card funds will be reserved in the amount agreed upon by the customer and BestInspectors.Net and entered by the customer in the shopping cart using the Buy Now button below. The actual amount charged and the unused funds released within 30 days.

A minimum $100 credit card authorization is required. You will only be billed for the actual amount. 

Technical Support

$39/30 minutes - BestInspectors.Net and WindSurance software live remote or telephone support outside the free technical support period but not more than three years from the date of purchase.

$49/30 minutes - Live remote & telephone support for 3rd party software and general computer support

$59/30 minutes - Live remote & telephone support for 3rd party software and general computer support. Non-customers or customers after three years from date of purchase of BestInspectors.Net or WindSurance software

A minimum $100 credit card authorization is required. You will only be billed for the actual amount owed as outlined above. BestInspectors.Net and WindSurance software customers will be billed in 15 minute increments and non-customers will be billed in 30 minute increments.

A minimum $100 credit card authorization is required is required for coaching. You will only be billed for the actual amount.

Inspection Report Review

Inspection report writing one-on-one training by reviewing inspection reports that the inspector has written either as training reports or actual reports written for clients. Inspection report reviews can be done before the inspector submits them to the client in most cases with at least two business days notice (in advance of the inspection).

Reports Reviews

Silent Partner Program

Qualified customers may be eligible for a percentage of revenue plan. These plans are only available to highly motivated, well qualified, inspectors. The Silent Partner Program provides all the benefits of a franchise without the up-front costs or the log-term commitment typically associated with franchises. We provide assistance with marketing and business development, business planning, cost control, strategic development, and execution of day-to-day business activities. We only make money when you make money.


George Wells, BSEE, MBA
Technical Report writing, New Business Start-up, Operations, Administration, Marketing, Business Development, Project Management, and Construction Management, computer technical support

Dr. Willis L. Johnson
Republic of the Bahamas. Accounting, Operations, Administration, and Project Management

Gene Raffa, CPI
Mold Inspection and Remediation, Florida Wind Mitigation, New Business Start-up, Operations, and Administration

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