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Software Registration

All BestInspectors.Net,, and software should be registered using the following form:

Software Registration Form

It is not necessary to register your software in order to use it unless the registration form loaded when you launched your software.


PDF/XFA Software Registration/Setup

InspectorLogic, WindSurance, WDI, WDO, 4-Point, TexTrex PDF, and Capstone do not require an activation code. Each copy has the user's information embedded within the software. Please complete the software registration form and return it to the email address in the form.

It is not necessary to register your software if you pre-registered or registered the software when you purchased it.  

PDF/XFA Software Registration Form


All BestInspectors.Net PDF and XFA Pro software must be registered before it can be used.

Registering BestInspectors.Net XL Pro software is optional but recommended.