The Electrical Inspection Report is based on the Citizens 2018 4-Point Report. It is the industry's most comprehensive stand-alone electrical inspection report.  It has the same format and content as the 4-Point report but it has an additional section at the end of the report for the inspector's qualification details. The report can be used by a licensed electrician, electrical contractor, home inspector, general building contractor, or engineer.

Since the 2018 4-Point requirements were published, some home inspectors have decided to sub-contract the electrical portion of the 4-Point inspection because of the need to determine the adequacy of the electrical system. Home inspectors can ask the electrician to use this form and include it with their 4-Point inspection report. Electricians can use the form for insurance purposes, when a home inspector has recommended further evaluation by an electrician, or for any other time that an electrical inspection is needed.

The Electrical Inspection report has all the information that insurance companies across North America need to qualify a home for insurance. Electrical inspections can be a lucrative additional service for electricians to provide. Electrical system deficiencies defects are the ones that home inspectors most often recommend to be evaluated further by an electrician. Those evaluations usually also include a need for repairs. 

The Electrical Inspection Report is available as an add-on at a discounted price to any WindSurance report (WindSurance AIO, Wind Mitigation, or Four-Point), InspectorLogic Pro, or any XL Pro report system (Vanguard, HomeTrex, Heritage). The Add-On MUST be on the same purchase to qualify for the discount. The Add-On will be for the same operating system (Windows, macOS, iOS, iPadOS, Android) as the qualifying software.

A Commercial Electrical Inspection Report is also available (see below).

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Windows Edition


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Mac Edition


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iOS/Android Edition


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    Commercial Electrical Report (CL‐CEF‐1 07 17) in a universal interactive PDF format (Acroform). The report includes a photo section.

    iOS, iPadOS, and Android require a third-party PDF editor such as PDF Expert for iOS/iPadOS or QPDF Notes for Android.

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