My goal is to do the best inspection that we can possibly do and for the inspection to go as smoothly as possible. I have prepared a checklist for you to use to ensure that the property is ready for inspection upon my arrival. Client’s please have the SELLER or the SELLER’S AUTHORIZED AGENT complete the form. Return the completed and signed form to me by e-mail at least 36 hours before the inspection. Download Checklist


It is very important for you as my client to understand the scope and purpose of the inspection. Please download, review, complete and sign the pre-inspection agreement. E-mail a completed copy of the agreement
to me at least 36 hours before the inspection or leave a completed copy of the agreement for me at the property.

Download Agreement


Download the Ohio Residential Disclosure form. 

Download Disclosure


In order to ensure a proper and complete inspection, I follow defined procedures. It is important that I am able to follow my procedures without impedance or distractions so I limit who can be present during the inspection. As my client, you are welcome to be present during the entire inspection or for any portion of the inspection. You may prefer to arrive approximately two hours after I begin the inspection. That will give us plenty of time to review my findings and for me to answer all your questions. I allow four hours for all home inspections.

Our conversations are privileged and confidential. To ensure that we are able to talk openly and freely, and to ensure that we are able to proceed unimpeded, the seller may not be present during a home inspection. Only my client and my client’s real estate agent may be present. Under certain circumstances, the seller’s agent may be present at the inspection but cannot participate in the inspection.


Payment is due at the time of the inspection. Acceptable forms of payment are cashier’s check, US Postal Service money order, Personal Check (with driver’s license and SSN), or cash. 


Utilities (electricity, natural gas, water, etc.) must be on at the time of the inspection. Any systems, equipment or components that rely on the utilities being on for normal operation will only be inspected if the utilities are on.